Artifact Information
Title :
03. Pax-board

Date :
Postérieur à 1759/ post-1759

Owner :
Collection : Archidiocèse de Québec / Archdiocese of Quebec

Artist :
Ignace-François Delezenne (1718 Lille France – 1790 ou 1798 Baie-du-Fèvre Québec)

  Artifact description
Hallmark on back: DZ 1 crown
14 x 18.5 cm

The pax-board which is also named the kiss of peace or osculatorium is a small plaque of metal representing the Crucifixion the Nativity the Holy Family or as is the case here the Virgin and Child. It has a vertical metal handle on the back to allow the officiating priest to present it to the congregation as a sign of reverence during the celebration of the Eucharist before communion and while speaking the words “Pax tecum peace be with you.”

Ignace-François Delezenne learned the silversmith trade in Lille the town of his birth. He arrived in New France around 1740. He was a silversmith merchant and seigneur. From 1756 to 1759 he managed a small silversmith trade which caused him to neglect his religious and domestic silver production. Like Amiot and Ranvoyzé Delezenne was one of the major Quebec silversmiths.
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