Artifact Information
Title :
05. Tray or basin for ablutions

Date :
Vers / Circa 1820

Owner :
Collection : Archidiocèse de Québec / Archdiocese of Quebec

Artist :
Laurent Amiot (1764 Quebec – 1839 Quebec )

  Artifact description
Hallmark under the base: L. A.
29.8 x 20.8 x 3.5 cm
Engraved under the base: a cross and E. Q. (for évêque de Québec or Bishop of Quebec)

A tray or basin for ablutions is a vessel used to hold water for ablutions during pontifical masses and by celebrating priests during various liturgical ceremonies (ashes palms washing of the feet on Holy Thursday baptism). The basin for ablutions is always accompanied by a ewer.
Since no written proof exists (receipt or inventory) the nearly immemorial use of these two pieces together in the archbishopric oratory leads us to believe that this ewer and this tray were a pair.
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