Artifact Information
Title :
04. Mitre

Date :
Vers / Around 1800

Owner :
Collection : Archidiocèse de Québec / Archdiocese of Quebec

Artist :
Inconnu / Unknown

  Artifact description
Gold cloth silver thread sequins
42 x 30.2 cm

The mitre is a tall cone-shaped cap with two points. It is generally worn over a skullcap by the pope cardinals bishops and abbots mainly during liturgical ceremonies. The two bands on the back of the mitre are called lappets and they end in fringes. There are three types of mitres: the pretiosa auriphrygiata and the simplex. This one is of gold cloth embroidered with silver thread and decorated with sequins over its entire surface. It is lined with red silk.

This mitre belonged to Mgr Joseph-Octave Plessis (1763 Montréal - 1825 Québec). He was ordained priest in 1786 and appointed parish priest at Notre-Dame de Québec in 1792. He was chosen as coadjutor in 1797 and consecrated Bishop of Canathe in January 1801. He became Catholic Bishop of Quebec in 1806 and was promoted to Archbishop of Quebec in January 1819. He was made a Roman Count and Assistant at the Pontifical Throne in 1819.
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