Advantages of walls

Five-page manuscript. In 1740 after about thirty years of peace that allowed the colony of New France to develop the War of the Austrian Succession began in Europe. The confr...
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[1] Sur ce sujet. voir

      Gosselin, Aug, L’Église du Canada, 

      III (Québec, 1914), p. 109-117 : Mgr de Pontbriand

      et les fortifications de Québec.

  Paleographic comments
Advantages of walls

The writing of this document is cursive characteristic of documents from this time. Of particular note are the beautiful regularity of the letters the consistent spelling and the organization of the document which is distinctly divided into numbered parts indicating an educated and well-read writer. The precise vocabulary and clear demonstrative exposition also attest to this. By contrast there are few diacritics (accents) and no punctuation a reality of this time and undoubtedly reinforced by the fact that we are looking at a draft. Moreover this text was probably read aloud.
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