Bull of Pope Clement X erecting into a diocese the Vicariate Apostolic of New France

Quebec is the oldest Episcopal See in North America with the exception of Mexico. The first phase of establishing the Church in New France dates back officially to 1615 when the RÃ...
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[1] 1674

      Transumptum Bullarum Apostolicarum

      Erectionis civitatis et ecclesiae cathedralis

      Quebeccensis     Marboud

[5] 1674

  Paleographic comments
Apostolic Bull

The written form of this text is very clear. The careful precision however does not mean that there has been no effort to be ornamental: the text has been justified and some capital letters have been embellished. Even if this is a transcription of the bull the writing is that of books. The initial I which is 10 lines high is reminiscent of the customs common to books. The letters are small and fine but round and well-formed. The punctuation is discreet.
Contractions can be found in the text but in general there are few abbreviations. Some letters are generously developed to indicate the importance of a word such as Ludovicus Rex (for King Louis XIV).

There are some examples of similar letters or isomorphism such as the letters l and s in amplissimo.
The left-slanting d coexists with the capital D.
Descender of the letter p as well as the serifs of the letters l and f are accented with a curve.
The tops of the strokes on the letters b d h and l are curved.
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